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  • Professional Musicians

    Elevate your performance with PalmToms. Use natural motions to create loops and beats, adding a new dimension to your music.

  • Teachers

    Enrich your music classes with PalmToms. An affordable and innovative tool that makes teaching music more engaging and effective.

  • Children

    Spark your child's creativity with PalmToms. Let them play and learn music in a fun, interactive way without the need for expensive instruments.

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other use cases

With our Technology...PalmToms can do it all!

  • Sports

    Transform your sports training with PalmToms! Experience interactive virtual sports, from golf simulations to more, adding excitement to every gesture.

  • Non-Verbal Users

    Offer a new voice through music. PalmToms opens a world of expression for non-verbal individuals, making music creation accessible to all.

  • Rehabilitation

    Revolutionize your recovery with PalmToms. Merging music with motion, it offers a therapeutic and enjoyable approach to rehabilitation.

  • Seniors

    Rediscover the joy of music with PalmToms. A fun, easy-to-use tool that stimulates the mind and enhances well-being.

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Open Source tech Creates Endless Possibilities...

With PalmToms, the potential for music creation is limitless. Explore, customize, and create in ways you've never imagined